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Going to a Friday night football game is what a lot of people look forward to while in high school. Whether it be the social interaction or cheering on their own team, they went and they got excited. However, to the players, every Friday is an opportunity to get noticed by a college recruiter or for someone to notice their talent so a recruiter does come by. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity to be scouted for a team and to have the opportunity to get to go to college for being good at that thing that you are playing. The NCSA is an organization that helps players get noticed by recruiters and they have a website where student-athletes can make their profiles for potential coaches to look at. They offer a place to offer up highlight reels, give personal information, provide pictures, and a platform to get your foot in the door if someone is to look at your profile. Now take everything previously stated and replace football games with a video game scrimmage. All of these services are being provided to us in the Esports field by the NCSA and Esports became officially recognized as a college sport and they even have a list of recognized varsity programs There are several college esports leagues. 175 colleges and universities are members of the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) and offer officially recognized varsity esports programs. These programs all have been acknowledged by either the NACE and or Tespa which are two organizations that are dedicated to esports and their development. I agree and strongly would like to push for the growth of esports in colleges. I sincerely hope that once I get to go to college that Ill be able to participate in an Esports program and try to make a name for myself in this field.

Example of a college recruitment profile

Example NCSA Profile

As you can see, a student provides information about their physical apperacnce and... their game statistics and Highlight reals, using that service that had only been used for traditional sports until recent years.

Highlight Video example

Here is a link to the profile shown here Here is a link to the Video shown here